By Anna Lewis 23rd June 2023

As geographers we are naturally drawn to adventure and exploring. Opportunities to investigate our environment are regularly undertaken, which is why at FIeld Studies Council, we are excited to see the return of the Geographical Association’s annual celebration of fieldwork, and proud to be partnered in the initiative.

This year we see the prospect for even more discovery, as the event will be taking place over a Fieldwork Fortnight from 26th June – 7th July. Throughout our UK wide centres, we will be enthusiastically participating in the nationwide event, and we are inviting all schools and colleges to get outside and join us! With our network of expert fieldwork tutors, we are proud fieldwork advocates, recognizing that outdoor education can lead to an important journey of learning, discovery, and connection.

Geography students smiling

#NationalFieldworkFortnight offers schools and students a unique opportunity to engage in hands-on learning experiences, with advice, resources and free activities. By stepping out of the traditional classroom and into the great outdoors, students carry out their studies in real life. It’s a chance to engage their senses, and truly experience their subject matter, fostering a deep and lasting understanding.

Fieldwork participation also allows students to put their prior knowledge into practice. By becoming active participants in their learning journey, they innately develop crucial skills such as observation, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Field studies provide a powerful context for learning, making education come alive and igniting a lifelong passion for exploration.

In a digital age where screens can dominate our children’s attention, Fieldwork Fortnight encourages students to disconnect from tech… and reconnect with their surroundings. By immersing themselves in outdoor environments, students develop an appreciation for the world around them. They can learn about ecosystems, biodiversity, climate change, and conservation efforts, and the connections we have in everyday lives, encouraging students to become responsible global citizens.

GCSE Geography students conducting river fieldwork in Cardingmill Valley

If you are looking for more reasons to get involved – fieldwork also challenges students to step outside their comfort zones and overcome obstacles. Whether it’s navigating rugged terrains, conducting experiments, or collaborating with peers, field studies build resilience, adaptability, and perseverance. These skills extend far beyond the classroom and equip students for success in many aspects of life.

We are looking forward to witnessing how the next two weeks can motivate and inspire the next generation of explorers and environmental protectors, encouraging and welcoming new geographers to the world of outdoor education! Remember to post your own Fieldwork Fortnight adventures on social media and tag them with # #NationalFieldworkFortnight.

Looking for help planning and carrying out fieldwork with your class, check out our resource pages, or utilise our free fieldwork downloads:

 Happy fieldwork!

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