By Melanie Cousins 13th February 2024

Polar explorer, Mark Wood, soon to embark on a 100-day solo expedition in the Arctic.

“We live in an era of environmental change where the earth’s climate has become the biggest threat to our own existence.”

Mark Wood – Expedition leader

Expedition Solo 100 is a science-led expedition which will document climate change in real time while studying limits of human endurance in one of the most hostile environments on the planet. The expedition will also be an attempt at a Guiness World Record.

The uniqueness of the journey is that the snow and ice that Mark will be travelling over for 2,000 km is pure and untouched providing a rare opportunity to collate depth measurements of the ice, observations on the terrain and collect pure snow samples for analysis – all invaluable data for scientific research.

The data Mark will be collecting, and observations made will use the same principles and techniques taught by Field Studies Council through their fieldwork trips, but under more extreme conditions. These skills can lead people to great adventures and expeditions like the one Mark is undertaking and contribute to knowledge that will help protect our planet.

Join us in following Mark’s journey: Solo 100

More about Mark on his website

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