It is founded on:

  • Becoming Carbon Net Zero by 2030
  • Managing FSC’s estate to aid nature recovery
  • Demonstrating sustainability and championing it among our staff and visitors

Towards Carbon Net Zero

Some changes will be quite visible from the start. This includes our new transport policy where staff are encouraged to make the most of technologies allowing for virtual meet ups as well as using more public transport. Other changes may be less visible but are a crucial part of the challenge of managing an estate of older and sometimes listed buildings. These include decarbonising all boilers to use non-fossil fuels, replacing LED lighting in every room, and monitoring our key stats by using the Carbon Dashboard.

40% 2011 – Reduction set for 2020
65% 2019 – Exceeded target
0 2019 – New Target NET ZERO by 2030

Managing Our Estate For Nature Recovery

FSC is custodian for many protected species and habitats including Sites of Special Scientific Interest. They are valuable in providing space for nature, but also as a teaching resource to be enjoyed and explored by visitors and learners. Every Centre will have its own Site Action Plan to identify the special features and work with others to protect these on a landscape scale. We will explore new ways to use these as a carbon sink to offset what we cannot avoid or reduce.

Advocating Sustainability

We need staff and visitors to help achieve our ambitious plans. We will champion sustainability at our centres by showcasing the changes that we make and spark ideas to take home. We will involve our visitors by giving them the opportunity to make sustainable choices during their stay. We will provide tempting low carbon meal choices, training to develop skills for net-zero and even making space for nature. We want to inspire every visitor to live more sustainably.

What’s Next?

Our Environment and Sustainability Working Group are busily adding details to plans to ensure we put our resources where we can have greatest impact. In 2022 we will all have our own Carbon Net-Zero goals to make a difference.

Over the next few months expect to find out more about how you can become more involved in delivering FSC’s first Carbon Net-Zero and Nature Recovery Action Plan. We will share our stats and lively stories along the way and want you to share your stories and experiences at our Centres.

Read about how our centres are Reducing their Carbon Footprint and supporting Nature Recovery:

Maya on the electric bike at FSC Slapton
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