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Solatube installation 2017 (Green fund application in 2016)

What was the Challenge?

The central corridor in FSC Epping Forest had no natural lighting. This meant that the lights were on all day every day. This meant constant energy usage as well as the corridor being dark and gloomy. The estimated carbon reduction was 83% from 609.69kg CO2/year to 101.78kg CO2/year (based on the artificial light need reducing from 3624 hours/year to an estimated 604 hours/year).

What did we do?

We installed 14 Solatubes along the length of the corridor (, bringing natural daylight from outside to inside. The dome on the roof with a small diameter, reflects light along the length of a tube to the ceiling diffuser in the corridor. 

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced energy usage. The lights are now only on when it is dark outside. Though even on dull days, the level of light indoors is really good.
  • Reduced carbon output – due to reduced energy use.
  • Bringing natural light in means additional health benefits.
  • Limited external visual impact. Internally, they are discreet & look like lights.

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