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Conwy Council Work Opportunities Team

Work Opportunities is a local organisation run by Conwy County Council as a division of Social & Community Services and Adult Social Care. Their main aim is to provide adults with learning difficulties the chance to work within their own communities, providing them with valuable work skills as well as promoting independence.

The Rural Work Opportunities team have been based at Rhyd-y-creuau since 2004. They provide gardening services for customers in the local area, including church grounds, the Henry Jones museum of Llanrwst, and to a wide range of elderly clients. Their services include mowing, strimming, hedge trimming and upkeep. They also collect scrap wood & pallets from local businesses and recycle it into kindling. This is then supplied to local shops in Betws-y-coed and Capel Curig for firewood.

Work Opportunities also provide Rhyd-y-creuau with grounds maintenance services, as well as participating in various small projects onsite, including repairs and construction. Recent projects include maintaining our woven willow classroom and rebuilding our dry stone walls; they are currently assisting with the renovation of our biodiversity garden by repairing old composters and wildlife habitats.


Local Food Suppliers

Rhyd-y-creuau dining room information board, displaying local produce

Rhyd-y-creuau is proud to buy produce from local butchers and greengrocers. We have working partnerships with O E Metcalfe butchers, Harp Stores and Dave Clampitts, all based in the nearby town of Llanrwst. These companies supply us with fresh meat, milk, bread, eggs, fruit and veg on a daily basis, reducing our need for bulk orders and mass storage. Any dried of frozen supplies comes from Harlech Foodservice, who supply foodstuffs across North Wales. We have trusting relationships with these suppliers, having worked with them for many years now. They help to ensure the food we serve supports our local businesses and economy, and saves on food miles, promoting our message of sustainability.