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Primary School Trips in Cumbrae

FSC provides opportunities for primary school children to see, explore and learn in a fun, engaging manner by immersing themselves in the natural world, taking in its sights, sounds and smells and getting their hands dirty.

The content of your primary school trip will provide memorable experiences that directly relate to the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence and the work you do in the classroom.


Primary visit Powerpoint (Millport)

You can find out more below or please contact us to discuss your requirements.  We are continually updating our courses and can work with you to develop a course to suit your group.
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Island Survival5 day

Exploration and discovery on the Isle of Great Cumbrae. Children will be immersed in island life exploring the seashore, local history and travelling over or around the island.  Available at FSC Millport.

Experiences and outcomes link to:

  • Biodiversity and interdependence: Rocky Shore
  • Effective contributors: Team Building 
  • People, past events and societies: Vikings
  • Confident individuals: Amazing Adventure

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