What is #ClimateEnquiry?

A free learning experience for all to find out about the effects of climate change on wildlife and explore nature-based solutions to climate change. #ClimateEnquiry will run two live online broadcasts and support you with the opportunity to take part in local wildlife investigations. The project is run by the Field Studies Council and supported by the British Ecological Society.  

When is #ClimateEnquiry?

The live broadcasts will be streamed on:  

Part 1 – What’s Going On – 16:00 Wednesday 15 February 2023

Part 2 – Over To You – 16:00 Wednesday 5 April 2023

Join in with one or both sessions. 

What should you expect from #ClimateEnquiry?

Each live broadcast will be approximately 45 minutes long. The broadcast will visit a selection of the Field Studies Council locations across the UK to look at the impacts of climate change on biodiversity. There will be demonstrations on how you can help citizen science projects by recording data in your area.  

Who should join us for #ClimateEnquiry?

Anyone with an interest in the world around us! You may be a student of biology, geography or environmental science but equally anyone who wants to learn more about the impacts of climate change and the benefits nature-based solutions can have on climate, biodiversity and people #ClimateEnquiry is for you! 

Get started on you #ClimateEnquiry journey now…

Find out about the impacts of climate change, and some of the nature-based solutions that are helping to mitigate these impacts, at some of the Field Studies Council Locations around the UK.

Find out what our fantastic locations have to offer:

map of field studies council locations

How is climate change affecting biodiversity where you live?
Do some research to find out.

#ClimateEnquiry is supported by the British Ecological Society