Are you someone that likes to research and find things out for yourself? If you are, then why not come up with your own #ClimateEnquiry.  

For guidance on what to consider at each stage, have a look at the links on our Resources page.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to investigate, how about…

Is Ash Die-back more prevalent in trees planted in parks in comparison to trees planted along streets?

Useful resource: OPAL Tree Pest and Disease Identification Guide

Which type of woodland sequesters more carbon – coniferous or deciduous?  

Useful resource: Methods for carbon cycle fieldwork

Is the peatland in a named area a carbon source or a carbon sink?

Useful resource: Methods for carbon cycle fieldwork

Below is the weather data for Field Studies Council Blencathra for March 2022. Do you live near this area? You could conduct your own data collection for March to compare 2022 and 2023 data. Think about how you could do this.

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