Discover more as you learn about UK bats and improve your skills on our beginner to advanced courses.

We run regular bat courses throughout the year delivered online and UK wide by expert tutor and follow a framework to progress your learning at a level to suit you.

In Britain we have 18 species of bat, all of which are insectivores, but 1300 species exist worldwide. Many of our native bats are under threat, due to loss of food supply and the loss of roosts and habitats.

Bat Identification

Bats are fascinating animals, but elusive to humans because they are invisible and inaudible to us most of the time. Bats make up almost a quarter of the world’s mammals, with over 1400 species, found on all continents, except Antarctica. In Britain we have 18 resident species, of which 17 are breeding here.

Bat Conservation

Woodlands are the most important habitats for bat conservation, but they are also greatly diminished and under continuing pressure from development. All British bats are considered vulnerable or endangered and are protected by law.

Bat Identification Courses

Our bat courses are delivered by experts in the field, and will equip you with the skills and knowledge to discover more about the habits and life-cycles of UK Bats. Bat Identification courses will teach you how to identify the key characteristics of British Bats, and acquire or improving identification and survey skills, such as how bat detectors can be used to identify bats in flight, using their echolocation calls. We also offer courses for working towards licensing for more advanced levels.

Training is led by expert tutors who are passionate about the subject. Taking place at venues across the UK, or online, our courses are designed to progress your learning at a level to suit your needs. If you are interested in our amphian online training, you can read about our Moodle learning environment.

Each course is part of a learning framework. You can see the course level descriptions here natural history courses are available at all levels from beginner through to professional training.

Bat Identification Resources:

Our Bats Guide is an identification guide to all 16 British species. The name trail is great for identifying any bats found at rest during the day. The straightforward yes/no questions will quickly guide you to the colour illustrations for each species.