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Botanical illustration courses inspired by nature

The art of botanical illustration is creating a lifelike representation of plants of all varieties.

This can include grasses, rushes, wildflowers and exotic flowers. The illustrations need to feature the plant’s key characteristics to enable botanists to easily identify that species.

Botanical accuracy is key when creating botanical illustrations. Developing your skills in observation and plant morphology is important for creating an accurate illustration.

Botanical Illustration by Janie Pirie

This art form combines science and art with creativity and involves a variety of different techniques. Botanical artists mainly use pencil, pen, ink and watercolours. This means they can be as accurate as possible when creating their scientific drawings. Watercolours are used as they are the best paint medium for capturing the varying colours.

Give botanical illustration a go with Field Studies Council

Field Studies Council expert tutors will help you develop skills in observation, drawing, colour mixing and patience.

Our botanical illustration course tutors are also professional artists and teachers. They are happy to share their knowledge and skills so participants get the most from our botanical illustration courses. They will give constructive criticism and help you develop your confidence. There are botanical illustration courses for all abilities, from complete beginners to experienced artists. 

Our courses take inspiration from the natural surroundings of our centres, and local wildlife. The landscape is abundant with flora and fauna, so let the UK’s nature and wildlife inspire your creativity.

Field Studies Council’s creative courses range from day art courses and longer craft weekends. We also offer week long art and craft holidays.

These botanical illustration courses and holidays do feature some studio time, but getting outdoors, in the natural landscape can have a whole host of benefits: creatively, mentally and fantastic for all-round well-being.

Our craft courses are more than just a learning experience. They are a chance to meet like-minded people and a chance to unwind from everyday life. You can experience the UK’s glorious countryside, a relaxing backdrop to your time away.

Our courses studying botanical illustration, take place at two of our most inspiring locations. Flatford Mill in Suffolk and Slapton Ley in Devon.