Discovering Seabirds: Identification, Ecology, and Conservation

In this course, you will be introduced to British seabirds. The course will arm beginners with an introductory overview of their biology, ecology and conservation. It will also look at specific species found within the UK, how to identify them and also how to get involved with seabird citizen science.

This course is comprised of 3 topics, which will be completed 1 topic per week over a 3 week period. 

This course is aimed at adults and covers the following topics and objectives from the Biodiversity Birds Learning Framework:  

  • Introduction to Seabirds and Conservation
  • UK Seabird Species Accounts
  • Becoming a Seabirder

For each topic, there will be a number of resources and activities for you to work through in your own time, as well as an end of topic quiz. Each topic will end with a 45-minute live session delivered over Zoom with the course tutor, which will consist of discussions and exercises that reflect on the learning of the previous week.  

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