Exam Ready Fieldwork Skills for ‘unfamiliar fieldwork’ questions 2021-2022

Our enhancement modules will give you access to digital resources, from the day of purchase until 31 July 2022, to facilitate an extension of skills to augment the fieldwork experience accessed either through our digital, advanced digital, blended or outreach packages.

How this course fulfils the specification

Despite the removal of fieldwork from the exams in 2021, students will still need to tackle unfamiliar fieldwork questions. This module will look at the skills needed to do this confidently even if fieldwork hasn’t been completed in real life. Designed to compliment any of the digital, advanced digital, blended or outreach GCSE fieldwork offers, or as a stand-alone lesson, building on the skills they use and apply in their wider geography course, students will gain experience, knowledge and confidence in how to answer unseen fieldwork questions.  They will have the opportunity to practice applying skills addressed in AO3 and AO4 in an unfamiliar context.

  • AQA – 3.4 Geographical skills.
  • EDEXCEL A – Topic 7: Geographical Investigations- fieldwork.
  • EDEXCEL B – Topic 6: Geographical Investigations.
  • OCR A –  Component 3 – Geographical Skills, fieldwork skills.
  • OCR B –   Topic 9 – Geographical Skills- fieldwork skills.
  • EDUQAS : Component 3: Applied Fieldwork Enquiry.
  • WJEC – Unit 3: Fieldwork Enquiry

Added value of the course

  • Teacher Guidance on how to make effective use these digital resources within your classroom to maximise learning for your students.
  • Deliver analysis skills to match the pace and progression of your students.
  • Utilise expert knowledge answering fieldwork questions, as well as practicing skills associated with AO3 and AO4 in an unfamiliar fieldwork context.

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