Our charity gives young people financial support to pursue a life dedicated to protecting nature.  

In 2021, FSC is giving life-changing experiences to 75 people with biodiversity training and mentoring. FSC has supported 120 ‘Young Darwin’ scholars aged 16-25 for a decade. 

But right now, demand for FSC scholarships far exceeds our charitable funds.  

There are 210 young people who applied successfully in 2021, but which FSC can’t support. This includes people from deprived communities who struggle the most to get the training they need to get environmental employment.  

£5 could give a scholar a hand lens to study wildlife

We know the scholarships work 

“I hadn’t considered that one small application would forge such a pathway through my life. The FSC Young Darwin Scholarship planted and continues to grow my passion for the environment and sustainability.”

Current FSC Scholar

Most Young Darwins study or work in environmental areas after their unique experience with FSC.  

What your support would achieve   

FSC provides young people with support by paying for their tuition and mentoring to nurture environmental study and career choices.   

FSC also removes barriers to young people attending training by paying for their accommodation, travel and taxonomic guides.   

We keep costs to minimum for scholars by paying 90% of delivery costs. Scholars pay just 10%.  

We keep our costs to a minimum by using our own education centres and working with local specialists.   

By donating today, our charity can act now to grow the support we offer young people this summer and next.  

Without support, these people aged 16-25 will miss out on experiences they need to fulfil their environmental dreams.  

What support does FSC offer young people?

The focus is providing great tutors and facilities to deliver the best experience. Plus specific support for people most in need through discounts, subsidies, grants, scholarships and placements