The Field Studies Council positively impacts people and planet. 

Our impact comes from providing outstanding experiences for people to connect with the environment, learn about it, and make choices that help protect it. This was the vision of our pioneers when they first met during World War Two. 

Every year, our charity works with over 120,000 children and young people. We help them understand and value the natural environment upon which we all depend, especially now during a climate and biodiversity crisis.  

We’ve brought together some of our latest projects, stories, and statistics in a colourful report for you to enjoy. 

front cover of Impact Report - three women studying a tree and smiling

How can I help? 

Please tell people about Field Studies Council’s impact. The easiest way is to share this page with your friends and colleagues through email and social media.  

If you’re able, please donate to help us to help disadvantaged children and marginalised young people. Every year, demand for Field Studies Council environmental education far exceeds our charitable funds. We know people are missing out experiences they need to protect the environment, improve their wellbeing, and live sustainably.

Every £ donated helps people who can’t otherwise access high quality fieldwork and resources. Donating is quick, secure and trusted by supporters across the UK.

Find out more 

Our impact report can’t fully capture the breadth and depth of so many staff and volunteers working tirelessly towards environmental education.  

Here’s where you can find out more: