Field Studies, the scientific journal of the Field Studies Council, was published between 1959 and 2003. In 2005 many of the papers were made available online. They provide a wealth of information about the areas around the FSC’s Centres, and have been a well used resource.

In 2015 Field Studies was re-launched as an online peer-reviewed journal. It aims to publish papers and articles that increase our knowledge and deepen our understanding of the areas around FSC Centres. Articles may cover biological, geographical, geological, and pedagogical themes as well as descriptive natural history.

Looking for recent papers? Follow the direct links here to download the PDFs

Boardman, J. (2021) Geomorphology in the northern Lake District: some possibilities for field work and data analysis.

Blunt, A.G., Trueman, I.C. & Burkmar, R.J. (2021) Using TWINSPAN to extract ecological trends from opportunistic data gathered by amateurs: a case study of Shropshire microlepidoptera.

Burt, T.P. et al. (2017) Preliminary analysis of air and sea temperatures at Millport Field Centre, Great Cumbrae, Scotland.