Get to know your local trees in 2022 with free printed identification guides!

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Love trees, but don’t know what you’re looking at?

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Trees in winter front cover

The education charity, Field Studies Council (FSC), has thousands of easy-to-use guides to post to people living in and next to 7 coastal areas in England: Bexhill-on-Sea, Brighton & Hove, Great Yarmouth, Hull, Portsmouth, Ramsgate and Stockton-on-Tees. Plus their surrounding urban areas.

If that’s you, join thousands of people getting outside in 2022 to learn about trees, improve their wellbeing and help protect the environment!

Register by 10th January 2022 for your chance to receive 3 tree ID and care guides in the post from January.

Registration takes less than a minute. Numbers are limited so register now! T&Cs apply.

People living outside the locations above can still register to receive digital tree guides.

Why register for free tree guides?

You’ll be part of a community of like-minded people starting to study trees and help others. We post over 100,000 guides each year. No experience is needed to use them – just curiosity and a keen eye.  

Trees identification guides

Each tree guide is a colourful and splash-proof chart that feels great to hold and fold flats to fit into a large pocket or bag. Each guide is filled with drawings or photos created by enthusiasts and experts.  

“I think they are wonderful, and have refreshed my knowledge of certain species. They are very convenient to take around, and will hopefully improve my plant ID knowledge.”

Registration closes on the 10th of January 2022. Your first guide will arrive in early 2022, the next in summer and the final in autumn. We allocate tree guides based on our target audience and availability. T&Cs apply. We will also collect information to help our charity and funders know who we’re reaching.  

FSC will let you know if your registration was successful in January 2022. Unsuccessful registrations will receive a free digital guide.  

More about the free guides

The guides are from the UK leading publisher of wildlife ID guides and charity, the Field Studies Council (FSC).  

FSC has free guides to share thanks to the wonderful support of a project led by Trees for Cities to increase tree cover in smaller coastal cities and towns.

This project is funded by DEFRA in partnership with the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Trees for Cities will work with project partners to deliver community tree-planting and education events designed to revitalise coastal urban areas, including the Queen’s Jubilee celebration.

We believe that every tree makes a difference. All the trees in our streets, gardens and towns play an important role in our ecosystem.  

As well as the posted guides, we will also send you tips for tree identification and highlight opportunities to volunteer, learn or work to help protect trees in your local area.

“Really well put-together guides that I anticipate using more in the future. I have even put one of them on display on the wall as it looks so great in between when I am using it.”

Join the green recovery – register today for your chance to receive 3 trees guides in the post in 2022 to enjoy and identify trees near you!