This course will fuse fieldwork with outdoor activities to give students the opportunity to explore real scientific contexts in an exciting and engaging way. The course allows students to get first hand experiences of a range of habitats and investigate the interactions between organisms and their environments. Individuals undertaking the course will be encouraged to develop their team skills and individual motivation whilst involved in activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.

You can include adventure activities in the course programme, further information is here.

Example Timetable

Day 1


Arrive (approx. 12 - 1pm)

  • Welcome and outline the challenges ahead
  • Tour of Centre
  • Settle into rooms
  • Allocate kit (i.e. waterproofs)


Team Building

Team building activities to enable students to develop their personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS).


Dusk Exploration

A journey through the local area. Activities will give students an opportunity to explore the centre grounds and the creatures that are active in the evenings.

Day 2

Morning and Afternoon

Select one option from:

  • Investigating rocky shore environments
  • Investigating freshwater habitats
  • Investigating woodland ecosystems

*The choice of activities available will vary by centre. Please contact us to find out more.


Review of the day and orienteering OR campfire.

Day 3


Bushcraft Challenge

Students will learn about survival and how to make shelters and create a fire.


Depart after lunch

Final farewell from our staff.


Please note: to ensure safe and quality learning experiences for students, the timetable may alter depending on weather conditions and local factors at centres.

Added value of this course

Develop skills

  • Communication | Resilience | Independent thinking | Leadership
  • Numeracy | Literacy | Investigative skills | Observation

Enhance Knowledge'

  • Ask questions.
  • Apply knowledge in the real world and make links.
  • Make sense of new places and understand our place and role within this.


  • Have fun | Make friendships | Connect with nature

Why Choose Field Studies Council?

  • Expert tuition by fully trained staff

  • Stunning locations across the UK

  • Outstanding curriculum knowledge

  • Rigorous health and safety procedures

  • Support before and after your visit

  • Free places for visiting staff