This is an action packed course, set in stunning natural locations and inspiring students to succeed and excel in new physical challenges. It provides opportunities to improve confidence, build character and develop the desire to lead healthy, active lives while having fun participating in adventure activities. A wide range of competitive, cooperative, fun and creative activities will stimulate students to think in different ways about themselves, each other and world in which we live in. They will have to work as a team, building trust and developing skills to solve problems through challenges such as low ropes, team building, orienteering and climbing. This course can be tailored specifically to any year group in key stage three and build in specific learning aims and needs for your group.

Example Timetable

Day 1


  • Welcome and outline of the course
  • Tour of Centre
  • Settle into rooms
  • Allocate kit (i.e. waterproofs)


Team Building Challenges

Students will get to know each other and work together to overcome fun challenges, which will foster an enhanced sense of group spirit. There will be opportunities for students to begin exploring their new environment and to develop knowledge of their surroundings. This session will focus on team building activities within the spectacular natural environments surrounding FSC learning locations, to develop interpersonal and social skills.


Preparation for the Journey

Students will plan and prepare for a demanding physical journey over land or water, working with others and developing their leadership skills.
They will organise their equipment, plan their route and prepare themselves by learning a new skills and developing an understanding of the environment they will travel through.

Day 2

Morning and Afternoon

Adventurous Journey – Land or Water

This day will encourage students to develop a sense of adventure and discovery, while improving their self-confidence and team work. They will journey through unfamiliar environments, either via walking and scrambling, canoeing or ghyll scrambling, while learning about both themselves and the environment.


Competitive and Co-operative Games

Using the Adventurous Journey as a focus, students will have the opportunity to compete and cooperate with each other, in a range of games to build character and encourage values such as fairness and respect in competition. They will explore the benefits of being physically active and becoming involved in exercise, sports and activities throughout their lives.

Day 3


Activity Circus and Review

This session will introduce students to a selection of adventurous activities and enable them to develop their physical and kinaesthetic competencies. They will take part in a variety of activities such as low or high ropes challenges, orienteering and bushcraft tasks, while working as a team and developing their confidence in physical and mental challenges. They will also have the opportunity to review and reflect on their achievements during the course.


Depart after lunch

Final farewell from FSC staff.

Please note: to ensure safe and quality learning experiences for students, the timetable may alter depending on weather conditions and local factors at centres.

Added value of this course

Develop skills

  • Communication | Resilience | Independent thinking | Leadership
  • Numeracy | Literacy | Investigative skills | Observation

Enhance Knowledge

  • Ask questions.
  • Apply knowledge in the real world and make links.
  • Make sense of new places and understand our place and role within this.


  • Have fun | Make friendships | Connect with nature

Why Choose Field Studies Council?

  • Expert tuition by fully trained staff

  • Stunning locations across the UK

  • Outstanding curriculum knowledge

  • Rigorous health and safety procedures

  • Support before and after your visit

  • Free places for visiting staff