Due to Covid-19 we have had to cancel courses from March to 1st August, we hope you will find an event later in the year that you can attend.

The emphasis of this course will be on confidently identifying birds by their songs and other calls. We will be using a variety of techniques to help memorise bird song and will also cover visual identification of these birds based on markings, behaviour and habitat. As well as species identification by song, you will develop a deeper understanding of the different kinds of bird call (e.g. alarms, contact calls and juvenile begging), how to recognise these and how to understand what they can tell us about the wider environment. We will explore how identifying and interpreting bird calls can help us read more of what is happening in our surroundings, and can help to have closer encounters with a range of wildlife.

We anticipate that this course will run with between 4 and 12 participants.


Tutor: Dan Puplett

Dan Puplett is a naturalist, conservationist and outdoor educator. He has been involved in a wide range of conservation projects, and worked for Trees for Life for over 10 years. Dan is a certified wildlife tracker and has helped to lead lynx and wolf tracking surveys in Slovakia. As a freelance instructor he teaches naturalist skills, bushcraft and nature awareness to all ages. www.danpuplett.net

What's Included

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