This beginner bird course is aimed at bird enthusiasts who wish to learn more about their much-loved garden visitors and want to begin to be able to identify them and understand their biology and ecology.

Birdwatching has become a hobby for many people of all ages. It allows us to connect with nature and begin to contribute to citizen science

For many of us living in towns and cities, the easiest way to connect with nature is through observing our regular garden visitors. The course begins with an overview of basic bird biology and ecology, looking at how birds have evolved and the shared characteristics between all species. Later topics focus on identifying garden birds and exploring the use of bird song.

Tutor: Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill worked for the FSC over a decade, teaching at 9 centres in England and Wales. Having recently retired, he’s now exploring more of Pembrokeshire as a keen birder and enthusiastic natural historian. However, he is happiest when able to share his knowledge and love of the environment.

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