Rocky Shores are one of the most dynamic, stressful, and interesting habitats on the planet, they exhibit a strong environmental gradient, and the distribution of the organisms reflects this.

This beginner-intermediate course will allow learners to begin to identify the inhabitants of this fascinating environment and see how they are adapted to living where they do. We will examine the marine animals, seaweeds and lichens present in this coastal environment in an attempt to gain an understanding of how the whole rocky shore ecosystem works.  Identification will be based on characteristics that are visible in the field with nothing more sophisticated than a hand lens. You will have time to explore your surrounding environment to find some specimens, learning valuable observational and comparative field identification tips.

Be inspired and engaged by the expertise of our specialist tutor and enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals to share your interests. This informative coastal course offers a weekend learning opportunity in Pembrokeshire, Wales, to improve your knowledge around British rocky shores and their inhabitants.

Tutor: John Archer-Thomson

For many years John Archer-Thomson was Assistant Head of Centre at FSC Dale Fort. He is now working as a freelance coastal ecologist, writer and photographer and runs a number of courses at Dale Fort each year. He co-wrote Rocky Shores, Volume 7 in Bloomsbury’s British Wildlife Collection.

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