This beginner course will cover survey methods for both amateur interest and the specialist, as well as veteran trees as a habitat and their historical context in Epping Forest.

Veteran trees are major habitats in themselves stretching back in time. Epping is one of the most important sites with many examples.

During this course, we will explore Epping Forest to look at veteran tree distribution. We will cover how you can survey and record ancient and veteran trees, plus the historical context and management of Epping Forest. Finally, we will consider ancient trees as a habitat, illustrated using certain species/species groups. By the end of this course, you should feel confident in identifying a range of ancient and veteran trees through visual features.

This course takes place situated in the heart of Epping Forest, an area of around 2,400 hectares of wood-pasture, stretching from Manor Park in East London to just north of Epping in Essex.


Tutor: Sharon Brown

Sharon Brown is a botanist – geographer currently working as an independent ecologist with habitat assessment and management as a main area of expertise. Over time she has also worked for the Nature Conservancy Council, Scottish Rangering, Wildlife Trusts and latterly as an associate tutor for the FSC. As a naturalist she has a fascination for wild places, as well as the wild in more urban settings and an enthusiasm for passing this to others through practical application.

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