This beginner grass identification course is designed to help you understand the structure and field characters of common grasses. You will have the opportunity to take your learnings into the field and explore various lowland habitats on the course including: woodland, riverside, pond, meadow and pasture!

Grasses, the Poaceae family, form the matrix of a wide range of habitats but are also of huge economic importance. There are about 10,000 species of grasses found throughout the world with around 200 of these found in the UK. It is not really possible to explore and survey any habitat without including the grasses. Ecological consultants, staff, and volunteers carrying out botanical surveys will all need to have the ability to identify at least the most common grasses if their job is to be done to a high standard. The amateur naturalist will also want to know their grasses and so this course is designed for everyone with an interest in this family of plants.

Tutor: Fiona Gomersall

Fiona Gomersall is a trained biology teacher and skilled field botanist. She is Conservation Officer at Shropshire Wildlife Trust and is an active member of the Shropshire Botanical Society. Fiona’s monitoring and botanical survey work takes her all over the county to the 40 nature reserves and several hundred local wildlife sites.

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