Bats are fascinating animals to study, but very elusive. This beginner-intermediate course will explore the world of bats in woodlands and demonstrate special techniques required to survey and study them in these key habitats.

Tutor: David Hill

David Hill taught ecology and conservation at the University of Sussex for 15 years before becoming a professor at the Wildlife Research Center of Kyoto University in Japan. He has been studying and surveying bats for almost 20 years and has extensive experience with a range of advanced techniques, including acoustic monitoring, capture and radio-tracking. Much of his research has involved the development and applications of the Autobat, an acoustic lure that greatly enhances bat capture. This device has enabled him to do research on the population dynamics, vocal communication and diet of elusive bat species in England and Japan that would not otherwise have been feasible. He has also tested the Autobat in many other countries, including Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan.