This beginner online fungi course will explore the features of Macrofungi that aid in their identification and an introduction to the use of keys to genus.

This course will cover fungi classification, macro characters, spore printing, and how to use basic keys to genera. Through this course, you will begin building your fungi identification skills.

This is the perfect course for beginners looking to further their fungi identification skills by looking more closely at the characteristics needed to start using keys. Using commonly encountered groups of fungi the course will focus on identifying features that distinguish groups and use techniques such as spore printing. The course will introduce you to different types of keys and how to use them to identify a species to genus. You will also gain an understanding of the importance of these species for ecology, conservation, and recording.

This is a 4-week online course covering 4 topics, for which you will complete a variety of self-led online study content, activities, assignments and live Zoom sessions. Time commitment is approximately 2-3 hours a week and an E-certificate is provided upon completion. Understand how our online courses are delivered.


Tutor: Jeanette Maddy

Jeanette Maddy is the Chair of North West Fungus Group, an active recorder and field surveyor and an Associate Tutor with Manchester Metropolitan University for the MSC Biological Recording Course.

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