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The Marine Habitat Classification for Britain and Ireland (v04.05) was developed through the analysis of biodiversity datasets and is an important tool for marine management and conservation. This course will cover the theory and practice of recording marine ‘biotopes’, with a particular focus on identifying the flora and fauna of rocky shores and subtidal reefs. Fieldwork will include sampling species communities at a range of intertidal sites.


This is one of a series of courses (Units) run jointly with Manchester Metropolitan University contributing to the MSc Biological Recording and Ecological Monitoring and the Postgraduate Certificate in Biological Recording. To gain university credits you must be registered for the programme in advance of this course. For further details please contact:

Department of Natural Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University, (Shrewsbury Office). E-mail: [email protected]  Phone: 01743 355137

The Unit will be assessed through, for example, identification tests, survey reports, field journals, production of keys, essays or other forms of assessment.

The course is also suitable for non-credit students and for those enrolling on the new certificate course with FSC. For further details on this course please contact FSC Head Office at [email protected]

We anticipate that this course will run with between 3 and 14 participants.

Tutor: Paula Lightfoot

Paula Lightfoot is passionate about recording marine wildlife and habitats, from rockpools to shipwrecks. Paula is a tutor and regional coordinator for the national recording scheme Seasearch in north east England and is currently undertaking PhD research at Newcastle University in predictive seabed habitat mapping. As a Trustee of the National Forum for Biological Recording and former employee of the National Biodiversity Network Trust, Paula has a keen interest in increasing the use of high quality biodiversity data to inform environmental decision-making. Paula completed the UCert in Biological Recording in 2008.

What's Included

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