Woodlands include a wide range of our native plant groups – this course aims to introduce the most common plants in these groups and to help you begin to recognise them in the field!

This beginner course will introduce you to the most common plant groups and species found in native woodlands, including the more obvious flowers, trees, grasses, sedges, and rushes and a range of ferns! The course will be delivered both in a classroom setting and out in the field, with our expert tutor helping you build identification skills, and also touching on the stories these plants tell about the environment in which they are found.

The course will combine the identification of species on local sites and looking at pot-grown species, to cover a wide breadth of species you may come across.

Tutor: Sally Peacock

Sally’s interest in natural history began at an early age but was fanned into flames by involvement in leading groups in the hills and mountains of the UK as a teacher. This led to a fascination with the plants of the UK, so that seeing plants when out walking is like seeing old friends.

What's Included

  • Expert Tuition

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