• describing flowers

The FSC Describing flowers guide describes and illustrates the main characters used in identification. These include:

  • Overview of flowers: whorl, calyx, sepals, petals, stamens, carpels
  • Flower symmetry: actinomorphic and zygomorphic
  • Perianth: anther, filament; shape and arrangement
  • Carpel: stigma, style, ovary, ovule; inferior and superior ovaries
  • Leaf: venation, arrangement, position, margins, bases, shape, stipules; simple and compund leaves

Text on the reverse side includes a checklist of the main characters you can record in the field. We’ve also included a guide to writing a floral formula, and to describing fruits (berry, drupe, achene, nut, capsule, etc), plant form (herb, shrub, tree), organs of vegetative reproduction (stolon, rhizome, etc) and inflorescence (spike, panicle, rhizome, etc).