Online tutorials to support students with completing the A Level Geography NEA.

  • Navigate your journey through the Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) for Geography A level with flexible on-demand content – learn when you want!
  • Easy to access on any device – you can login on desktop or laptop or use the Moodle app to access via your smart phone or tablet.
  • Resources targeted to support critical thinking to access the higher levels of the mark scheme.


The Non-Exam Assessment Tutorials (NEAT) are aimed at students and provide a how to guide for completing the NEA for A Level Geography. They are a series of tutorials which are presented as short (15-20 minute), on demand videos and mapped to the stages of the route to enquiry. The Tutorials will enable you to explore links between the modules and give you the tools to critically approach your investigation and reach the higher mark bands. The Tutorials are not designed to give you the theoretical answers, rather the emphasis is upon the progressive development of your skills to help you meet the requirements the exam boards often refer to in their examination reports.

Written to support all exam boards this easily accessible tool, delivered through the online learning platform Moodle will help whatever the stage of the NEA process students find themselves at.

NEAT Modules

Module 1 | Introduction and Planning

Module 2 | Methods and Data Collection-

Module 3 | Data Presentation

Module 4 | Data Analysis

Module 5 | Conclusions and Evaluation

Click here to see the full list of contents for each module.


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