Improve your watercolour paintings and take them to the next level by finding out about a whole host of tips tricks and techniques!

Tuition will be through a mixture of demonstrations, group exercises, and individual guidance according to your prior experience.

The aim of the demonstrations will to be to show how the unique and illusive properties of watercolour – transparency and freshness – can be achieved.

The course will include plenty of practical work. Basic technical information will also be covered, with lots of tips and techniques, and plenty of opportunity to apply them to your choice of subject.

Sian’s interest in the exciting properties of watercolour lends itself to an approach that encourages students to discover when to control the medium and when to allow its freedom. Subjects will be suggested for both outdoors and in the studio, according to the weather.

Tutor: Siân Dudley

Siân Dudley is a largely self-taught watercolourist with a fascination for the way the medium has a life of its own, making its own contribution to the finished work. The depth and clarity of colour, textural marks, spontaneous expression and fineness of detail that are possible in watercolour have inspired an experimental approach, allowing her to explore a range of styles, from the 'tight' representation of botanical illustration to much freer, almost abstract paintings. Siân always begins with a close direct observation of her subject, using a combination of sketching and photographs as reference for paintings that are completed in the studio. In botanical subjects Siân's inspiration comes from the effect of light through petals and leaves, and a sense of colour and pattern. In her portraits she aims to capture something of the character of the person, as well as a good likeness. Her other work reflects her interest in paintings with a strong sense of narrative, and an element of participation by the viewer. In 2018 Siân saw her first book on watercolour 'Painting Flowers : a Creative Approach' published by Crowood Press. Whatever she is painting, Siân hopes that her paintings provide an uplifting experience to the observer. Siân's website is:

If you would like to join us for a whole week and enjoy a 10% discount on the fees, choose to attend:

Making Watercolours Work for You: 19th - 23rd July

To take advantage of this offer, please ring the centre to book – 01548 580466

What's Included

  • Expert Tuition
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Full Board Accommodation
  • Hot and Cold Drinks

Before You Attend

Start and Finish Times

Resident participants are requested to arrive for registration between 1:00pm and 4:00pm on arrival day, after this time self-directed arrival information will be posted on the front door. There will be an introductory talk at 5:00pm. Supper is usually at 6:30pm. Non resident participants should arrive just before 5.00pm. A non resident booking also includes dinner during your course as teaching does progress into the evening. Breakfast, for resident participants, will be from 8:00am. The course will end at 3:00 pm on the last day.  On the final day please vacate your room by 9:00am, storage is provided for your luggage.

What to Bring

Please bring along anything you already have. As well as paper, paints, brushes, palettes etc., kitchen roll is essential! I bring a limited amount of basic equipment that may suffice to fill gaps. Please bring along some or your previous work (in any medium). There is no obligation to show it to anyone else if you choose not to, but seeing it really helps me to help you to get the most from the course. Please bring along any photographs, sketches or other reference material you would like to work from.

Pay a deposit of £100.00 per item