This beginner course will provide you with an introduction to British wildflower families, covering a mixture of the more common and some unusual species, with an opportunity to identify these in the field.

This course will enable you to build skills in identifying wildflower families in the field, in the presence of an expert tutor. You will go out into the field and study the plants surrounding your course venue, observing the wide variety that can be found.


Tutor: Emma Gunn

Emma Gunn is a foraging tutor at River Cottage and the author of the foraging series Never Mind the Burdocks. She studied and taught Garden Design and has over 25 years of experience in horticulture including 22 years at the Eden Project. Emma’s passion for plants started at a very young age and has never left her – from edible species, medicinal, floral and garden design, no stone is left unturned. Emma enjoys sharing her knowledge, giving people the confidence to understand the natural world better, create better connections with our environment and to forage sustainably.