• birds wildlife pack
  • Bird tracks and signs
  • Ducks geese and swans
  • Owls and owl pellets guide


Fold-out guides wildlife pack

The Birds wildlife pack is a presentation pack featuring 5 different fold-out guides. Find out the names of birds in gardens, the countryside and wetlands. The pack also includes a card-sized magnifier to help you get in ever closer to the details.

Birds of prey

From buzzards to harriers and falcons to eagles: this guide features all 15 day-flying raptor species that breed in the UK. Birds of prey can be highly variable and your view of the bird may be fleeting. But by looking at pictures side-by-side you can generally narrow down the choice to two or three species. Co-created with the Hawk and Owl Trust.

Bird tracks and signs

Develop bushcraft skills by tracking birds in gardens, woodland, sandy beaches, snow and mud. The signs of birds to look out for include footprints, tracks, droppings and evidence of feeding.

Ducks, geese and swans

Visiting a wetland wildlife reserve? Or maybe you just need a quick reference guide to the identification of the birds you see at a local pond? This guide covers all 32 wild waterfowl in Britain including dabbling ducks, diving ducks, sawbills, swans and wild geese. It’s especially suitable for winter wildlife watching.

Park and garden birds

Our newly updated fold-out guide covers the top 50 birds of gardens and parks, including ponds and rivers. Designed for speedy bird identification with living birds in the garden, the guide features beautiful colour paintings by Chris Shields.

Owls and owl pellets

Two guides in one: both a field guide to the 5 wild owls of the UK plus a guide to investigating the small mammal bones found in owl pellets. Co-created with the Hawk and Owl Trust.