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  • Ducks geese and swans
  • Butterflies

Canal wildlife with bag

Biodiversity bag

Carry your wildlife guides in style with our Biodiversity tote bag. And it’s also strong and durable enough for regular shopping.

Canal wildlife bundle

Whether you’re walking along the towpath or exploring nearby countryside, there’s plenty of wildlife to see near the canal. We have chosen 6 of our most popular WildID guides to help you explore. All our guides are laminated and lightweight and fold down to a handy rucksack size, so are perfect for popping in your bag for a walk just in case you are lucky enough to spot something special.

Day-flying moths guide

The FSC Day flying moths guide features 103 species which fly in the daytime in Britain and Ireland. Although most moths fly at night, a good number are active during the day. Warm still days are best. You can see flying moths simply by walking around likely habitats.

Waterside flowers guide

Waterside flowers guide covers 46 of special flowers of the towpath, as well as ponds, ditches, streams and rivers.

Wayside flowers guide

Are you looking for a fast guide to wild flowers? Grassy tracks, quiet lanes, hedgerows, playing fields and canal towpaths are a great place to look. Our Flowers of walks and waysides fold-out guide features 42 common wild flowers of Britain and Ireland

Reptiles and amphibians guide

Toads, frogs, newts, lizards and snakes… the Reptiles and amphibians guide features 13 species of reptile and amphibian which breed in Britain. Five of these species also breed in Ireland. Beautiful colour illustrations show the key characters for each species.

Ducks, geese and swans guide

Covering all 32 wild waterfowl in Britain including dabbling ducks, diving ducks, sawbills, swans and wild geese. Designed for use outside, this laminated fold-out guide features beautiful colour paintings by leading bird artist Mike Langman.

Butterflies guide

The Butterflies guide features all 60 wild butterflies found in Britain and Ireland. It’s designed for speedy butterfly identification in the field, with beautiful colour life-size paintings of each butterfly by acclaimed artist Richard Lewington.