copoepods fishes

Copepods parasitic on fishes

The Copepods parasitic on fishes Synopsis covers 130 species of copepods known to parasitise fish in British waters. These are mainly from the poecilostomatoid and siphonostomatoid groups, but include one cyclopoid.

This paperback volume includes keys, species descriptions and a list of host animals, together with the names of the copepods known to be associated with them. Illlustrations are next to the relevant text, to aid ease of use.

These copepods vary enormously in their modification to the parasitic mode of life. Although some are clearly recognisable as copepods, others are only identifiable via their larval stages. As adults they appear to be little more than amorphous bags from which egg strings dangle.

Synopses of the British Fauna is a series of identification guides. Each volume in the series is a detailed account of a group of animals. They bridge the gap between standard field guides and more specialised monograph or treatise. Since 1993 the the Field Studies Council has published these guides on behalf of the Linnean Society.

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