• Winged insects
  • bees guide
  • Butterflies guide
  • Hawkmoths guide
  • Shieldbugs guide

Winged insects

Fold-out guides wildlife pack

The Winged insects wildlife pack features 5 of the FSC’s fold-out guides. Find out the names of those insects that buzz, drift or zoom around your garden.

  • Bees – including all the common bumble bees and many of the solitary bees found in gardens
  • Butterflies – all the species in Britain and Ireland
  • Day-flying moths – not all moths come out at night! Over 100 species fly by day, and many of them are large and colourful
  • Hawkmoths – Britain’s largest moths are surprisingly common
  • Shieldbugs – 45 shieldbugs and leatherbugs

Each pack includes a card-sized magnifier, so you can get in ever closer to the details.