• Schedle 9 animals
  • schedule 9 animals

Schedule 9 animals guide

Produced in partnership with RSPCA and Natural England as a compact reference source for people working with wildlife, the FSC Schedule 9 animals guide features all the animals listed on Schedule 9 of the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act, i.e. animals which it is an offence to release into the wild in the UK.

Note that animals are listed in Schedule 9 of the 1981 Act

  • either to reduce the threat to native species, agriculture or forestry (such as the grey squirrel, signal crayfish and zander)
  • or to prevent unauthorised releases in unsuitable habitats (such as the barn owl)

The full colour images are supported with text-based information on identification, current distribution and reason for listing on Schedule 9. Guidance is also given on sources of further legal information.