• nature spotters garden
  • nature spotters garden book
  • Park and garden birds
  • Playing field plants guide
  • Woodlouse name trail
  • Garden bugs and beasties
  • wildlife of burial grounds

Garden spotters pack

Garden spotters pack is the complete Nature Spotters pack for wildlife in gardens, parks and playing fields! Head into the garden and peer among the flowers, grasses and plant pots. Can you find all 80 Nature Spots? From birds and butterflies to pollinators and plants, each will earn you a bronze, silver or gold medal. There are Nature Spots to find all year round, even in the winter. How many will you find?

As well as the Nature Spotters log book, this pack contains 5 of our acclaimed wildlife identification guides:

  • Park and garden birds: colour guide to the top 50 birds seen in gardens
  • Garden bugs and beasties: for minibeasts of leaves and soil
  • Playing field plants: 35 of the commonest wild flowers
  • Guide to wildlife of burial grounds: including the birds, insects and flowers of old walls
  • Woodlouse name trail: the special challenge! Can you recognise the different species?

All packed in reusable and biodegradable packaging. Suitable for ages 8 and upwards.