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Seaside wildlife

Children’s pack

Get outdoors and explore nature this with our Seaside Wildlife pack. It’s full of activities to get more hands on with nature and discover more about wildlife and the natural world. Suitable for ages 7-12. The children’s pack contains

  • What’s that? A book of wildlife activities both indoors and outdoors
  • WildID Seashells fold-out guide
  • WildID Rocky Shore Name Trail guide
  • Card-sized magnifier
  • Crayons and pencil

Seashells guide

The FSC Seashells guide features 40 common seashells found on the seashore in Britain and Ireland. Accompanying text describes how to identify each type of shell.

Shells are a common sight at the seaside. This seashells guide is perfect to take with you when walking along the beach or coastline. Great places to hunt for seashells include the strandline, beaches close to river estuaries and bottom of the beach at low tide. Alternatively, if you just want to learn more about seashells, this guide is just the place to start!

Rocky Shore Name Trail guide

Going rockpooling? Our Rocky shore name trail is a favourite of generations of visitors to FSC field centres. It features colour paintings of the most common limpets, mussels, periwinkles, topshells, starfish, crabs and fishes you might see, plus seaweeds, lichens and sponges. Use the trail’s straightfoward yes/no questions to find out the names. Then text on the reverse side describes what to look for in each group.

Most people (even cool ones) will admit to enjoying being on seashores, wrestling with crabs and identifying the seaweeds. There’s a huge number of living things squeezing into the narrow space between the tides. At low tide the animals that live on the seashore tend to sit there quietly, almost begging you to discover and count them. Plus many of them are just the right size.

Our popular wildlife field guides measure 25 x 18cm and are lightweight so are the perfect identification aid for popping in your rucksack when heading outside. All wildlife identification guides are laminated, to protect against moisture and mud, and are easy to wipe clean.