• spring coastal walks bundle
  • Seaside flowers
  • shark and skate eggcases
  • Seaweeds

Coastal walks

Spring wildlife bundle

Finally the spring is coming! March and April are fantastic months for country walks… and the seaside is a great place to explore. Our spring wildlife bundle features almost 100 different species for you to find this summer.

Seaside flowers guide

Our Seaside flowers guide features 38 special flowers of cliffs, sand dunes, saltmarshes and shingle beaches. For the plant hunter, the seaside is a fascinating place to explore. Many of the flowers found at the coast don’t live anywhere else. On cliffs and sand dunes, the best displays of flowers are from April to July.

Shark and skate eggcases guide

Although sharks, skates and rays are common in the seas around these islands, you are unlikely to see them as they live in deep water. But there is another way to find out which species live off your stretch of coast.

Many sharks, skates and rays reproduce by laying eggs. Since the sea is rough, each egg is protected by a tough leathery capsule: the eggcase. Once empty, the eggcases (or mermaid’s purses) often wash up on the beach. The eggcases of different species vary. So by looking at the size, shape and features, we can identify which species laid it.

Seaweeds guide

Our Seaweeds guide features 36 common species of seaweeds. It will help you to put a name to the green, brown and red seaweeds you see. Text on the reverse side includes a full seaweed identification key that can be used with living seaweeds on the seashore. Seaweeds are the dominant plant-like organisms of rocky shores. They can also occur on sandy and muddy shores, particularly where there are wooden or concrete structures.