• summer wild flowers bundle
  • Flowers of walks and waysides
  • Waterside flowers

Wild flowers

Summer wildlife bundle

May and June are fantastic months for getting outside to explore nature. And for plant-lovers they are exciting months of change. Almost every week brings something new to see, as the days get longer and the weather warms up. Our summer wildlife bundle features over 150 different plants for you to find in early summer: in gardens, by ponds and streams and in the hills.

Wayside flowers guide

Are you looking for a fast guide to wild flowers? Our Flowers of walks and waysides guide features 42 common wild flowers of Britain and Ireland.

Grassy tracks, quiet lanes, hedgerows, playing fields and canal towpaths are a great place to look. Often these walks and waysides are a haven for wildlife, supporting an amazing diversity of flowering plants. From Black Medick to Bugle, from Willowherb to Woundwort, the guide features wild flowers to find all year round.

Waterside flowers guide

Waterside flowers guide covers 46 of special flowers of still water (like ponds, reservoirs, lakes and canals) and moving water (like ditches, streams and rivers). Promising places to look include large ponds with shallow sides, lightly used canals and slower-flowing streams and rivers.

Hill and heathland flowers guide

Our Hill and heathland flowers guide covers 47 wild flowers in three habitats: grassland, dry heathland and wet heathland and bogs. Although it might look like there is only grass, a closer look will reveal lots of short flowering plants. Dwarf shrubs dominate heaths and moors, including Heather, Gorse, Western Gorse, Cowberry, Crowberry and Bilberry.

In wet places in the uplands, wet heathland and bogs have a range of special flowers. From beautiful flowers like Bog Asphodel and Bogbean to insect-eating plants like Sundew and Butterwort, they are exciting places to explore.