• Ponds
  • Water plants
  • Ducks geese and swans
  • Freshwater name trail


Fold-out guides wildlife pack

The Ponds wildlife pack is a presentation pack featuring 5 different fold-out guides. Find out the names of the insects, plants, amphibians and birds that you see. The pack also includes a card-sized magnifier to help you get in ever closer to the details.

Commoner water plants

From bogbean to bulrush, from water soldier to yellow flag, this guide features 54 species found at ponds, lakes, canals and slow-flowing streams and rivers.

Dragonflies and damselflies

Featuring all 16 damselflies and 28 dragonflies of Britain and Ireland. Designed for speedy identification in the field, with paintings shown at life-size. We have included different forms for males and females throughout. Similar looking species are close to each other for easy comparison. Co-created with the Natural History Museum London.

Ducks, geese and swans

Visiting a wetland reserve? This guide covers all 32 wild waterfowl in Britain including dabbling ducks, diving ducks, sawbills, swans and wild geese. It is especially suitable for winter wildlife watching. For rapid identification, we have grouped the paintings by dabbling ducks, diving ducks, sawbills, swans and geese. Also included are different forms for males, females and juveniles where appropriate.

Freshwater name trail

The classic pond dipping guide! Need to identify minibeasts in ponds and streams? The FSC Freshwater name trail fold-out guide has been used by generations of visitors to FSC Field Centres. The simple flow chart on this guide shows representatives of the main groups found in ponds and streams.

Keeping tadpoles

Want to watch tadpoles develop into frogs? From preparing your tank to feeding your tadpoles, this guide shows you how to care for the growing tadpoles as well as identifying and explaining the changes they go through as they develop into frogs.