Wildlife of burial grounds guide

FSC Wildlife of burial grounds guide features many plants and animals of these special places.

Churchyards, cemeteries and burial grounds are found all across the UK. There are over 20,000 of them, and many have become living sanctuaries for wildlife.

  • Ancient yew trees: perhaps more than 800 years old. They are some of the oldest trees in the UK.
  • Flower-rich grassland: the community of grasses and flowers in an old burial ground may have been relatively undisturbed for centuries. This grassland can support a range of insects, including butterflies and bees.
  • Stonework: old stone walls have a rich mixture of colours and textures. Ferns, mosses and lichens will have colonised over hundreds of years. Crevices in a drystone wall are used by small birds and lizards. Lime mortar attracts a range of lime-loving plants and lichens that may be rare elsewhere in the local area.

The chart was produced in partnership with Caring for God’s Acre.