We are looking to grow our network of Biodiversity tutors

The Field Studies Council has a long heritage of teaching natural history and is proud to be a national hub for biodiversity training for both individuals and organisations alike.

Our courses cover UK wildlife, biology, ecology, identification, surveying, recording skills and much more!

We deliver training to adult learners who may be enthusiasts, students or professionals and we are forging connections with national organisations such as the Forestry Commission, the Woodland Trust and Natural Resources Wales to provide bespoke corporate training packages.

That’s why the Field Studies Council is looking to book (and pay) people like you to join our thriving tutor network and support delivery and or development of our popular adult courses across the UK and online.

Train the Trainer courses available now

If you are interested in becoming a biodiversity tutor these courses provide an excellent opportunity to upskill.

These courses will cover all that you need to know in order to deliver an effective and engaging adult in-person and online natural history session. 

Biodiversity: Train the Trainer

An in-person day course which covers everything that you need to know to deliver an effective in-person natural history session:

  • Theories of teaching and learning
  • How to engage others during a course
  • Group and risk management

Biodiversity: Train the Online Trainer

Cover the core skills and considerations needed deliver an effective and engaging online adult natural history session. This course includes two hours of self-study content followed by a live webinar.

  • Theories of teaching and learning
  • Examples of virtual engagement tools
  • Management of online groups
  • Zoom display settings for tutors

“I enjoy being an Associate Tutor for the FSC, not least because I’m fortunate in that the teaching I’m involved with covers several aspects of the Field Studies Council work…

During the Pandemic I was involved in developing and then delivering introductory courses for the new Botany learning framework. I will do more online tutorials for this in 2022, as well as some in-person teaching at different Field Centres.

Karen Van Oostrum
Trees at Bishops Wood