By s.fenn 2nd July 2024

Throughout the month of June, we supported the Geographical Association’s ‘National Festival of Fieldwork’ event.
The aim of this event is to encourage schools to take part by celebrating their fieldwork experiences.

This year’s theme was ‘Fieldwork for everyone’, highlighting that this essential requirement of the National Curriculum GCSE and A Level should be experienced by all.  Fieldwork creates the opportunity for a dynamic and immersive approach to learning, and it plays a pivotal role in shaping the scientific minds of students in UK schools.

Participation also allows students to put their prior knowledge into practice. By becoming active participants in their learning journey, they innately develop crucial skills such as observation, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Field studies provide a powerful context for learning, making education come alive and igniting a lifelong passion for exploration.

So, what did we get up to this month?

Salt marsh succession at Flatford Mill

The education team at Flatford Mill studied salt marsh succession with Bishop Douglass School.

Greenwich Park - The Royal Parks

Mayfield School visit Field Studies Council London

The students of Mayfield School got stuck into GCSE geography fieldwork at our Greenwich Park location.
They took full advantage of the variety of habitats and varied landscapes to help further develop their knowledge and understanding.

Fieldwork in the sunshine

Cranford School had a fantastic time at Margam Discovery Centre and had glorious weather to practice a few fieldwork techniques.

Geography NEA preparation

A group of year 12 geographers from Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys visited Juniper Hall. They gained knowledge, new skills and techniques to enable them to carry out their own investigations over the summer holidays.

Geography fieldwork at Slapton Ley

Francis Holland School visited our centre in South Devon with an A-Level and a GCSE group.

Geography Fieldwork during June

We have had an incredible month of fieldwork. Thousands of students have visited us to gain hands-on experience in fieldwork techniques and skills to benefit their learning back in school or college. As geographers, we were compelled to create a data table to show just how many students enjoyed experiences with us.

Centre locationTotal geography students who visited during June
Bishops Wood279
Castle Head473
Epping Forest and London1778
Flatford Mill276
Juniper Hall576
Margam Park253
Nettlecombe Court377
Preston Montford576
Slapton Ley261
The number of students that visited Field Studies Council centres to carry out geography fieldwork throughout the month of June 2024

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