Many of our centres are located in areas with significant geological features making them great places to study Geology and Earth Science.

FSC Dale Fort based in Pembrokeshire has some of the most diverse geological scenery in the British Isles and over 250 miles of exposures.

The Lake District which is home to FSC Blencathra is an area with a troubled Geological past that has included explosive volcanic eruptions, continental scale mountain building, faulting and folding throughout, mineralisation and metamorphism.

The geology of Shropshire is more varied than any other area of comparable size in Britain with every geological era, except the Cretaceous, being represented in the county, making FSC Preston Montford a great base for geology studies.

FSC Slapton Ley in South Devon also has a varied and ancient geology where the uplands are dominated by the granite of Dartmoor, and the sandstones, slates and other sedimentary rocks of Exmoor.

All our courses offer:

  • High quality field sites – either within walking distance or a short drive away
  • Fully risk assessed field sites with prior access agreements for all FSC delivery
  • Well equipped, WiFi enabled classrooms, lecture rooms and laboratories
  • Range of field equipment, microscopes and species identification guides

Course content on university trips can be entirely taught by FSC staff or co-taught with university staff whilst FSC tutors are able to lead the fieldwork component or to provide specialist lectures. Alternatively, courses can be completely self-taught by university staff using our centres as a base. You are welcome to a free pre-visit to help plan your course.

  • Happy Geology student in the field
  • The sill at Ogof Golchfa