FSC believes in the benefits of environment education by experiencing the outdoors and related experiences online and using wildlife guides.   

We also believe everyone should have these opportunities. So it’s upsetting that many people face barriers to taking part. Often these barriers are financial. Sometimes people need additional support.   

Every year, the requests for support we receive far exceed FSC’s charitable funds. Even more so since the pandemic.   

During 2021, FSC responded to increased demand by bringing together our offers to increase access for more people. We offer a wider range of practical help.  

For each, visit field-studies-council.org to find out when they open and who is eligible. Or sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media accounts:  Twitter LinkedIn Facebook YouTube 

  • Discounts – we give money off selected training courses and bundles of our famous wildlife ID guides. Look out for codes and offers online.  
  • Subsidies – like a discount, but larger and tailored to help specific audiences, especially younger adults, and to help access for specific taxa. Look out for codes and offers online.  
  • Grants – we give grants to help school groups visit FSC centres for inspiring experiences. This is an application process and reduces the cost of a visit.   
  • Scholarships – we enrol Young Darwin Scholars on long term training and mentoring to follow their dreams to understand and protect the natural environment. This scheme uses a competitive selection process. 
  • Placements – we fund interns to learn skills on the job across FSC teams, especially education skills. This is an application process organised as paid vacancies.   

The majority of our offers rely on the generosity of individuals and families who donate to FSC. Plus charitable trusts who kindly fund specific projects run by FSC.   

We urgently need funds to meet demand for support from children and adults in need. If you’re able, please donate to FSC.