ISBN Number
  • woodlice aidgap

    Woodlice AIDGAP


    FSC Woodlice AIDGAP is an identification guide to the 35 species of woodlouse known to breed outdoors in Britain and Ireland.

  • Woodlice Atlas front cover

    Woodlice and waterlice atlas


    The Woodlice and waterlice atlas covers all of Britain and Ireland. 4 species of waterlice and 40 species of woodlice occur outdoors, with another 12 in greenhouses.

  • Woodlouse name trail

    Woodlouse name trail


    A name trail with 9 common species of woodlice in gardens and around buildings. Many gardens will contain several species, and they are relatively easy to find and identify.

  • nature spotters garden book

    Nature Spotters in the garden


    Nature spotters ln the garden. Head out into the garden and peer among the flowers, grasses and plant pots. Can you find all 80 Nature Spots?

  • Garden bugs and beasties

    Garden bugs and beasties


    Head into the garden and peer among flowers, grasses and plant pots. Featuring common garden minibeasts, from shieldbugs to snails and froghoppers to flower beetles. Great for young explorers!

  • Hedgerows

    Hedgerows guide


    A great introductory guide to the countryside, with beautiful colour paintings of the common woody plants, wild flowers, berries and seed heads, birds, mammals and invertebrates that live in the hedgerow.

  • woodland name trail

    Woodland name trail


    Looking for minibeasts? The FSC Woodland name trail is a great introduction to the animals of soil and leaf litter. It's especially suitable for ages 7-11, supporting scientific investigations at KS2.