• sand dunes guide
  • seashells guide
  • Cetaceans and seals guide

Seashore (FSC wildlife pack 02)

Use FSC Seashore wildlife pack to explore the wildlife on our coastline with 5 of the FSC’s popular fold-out guides.

  • Rocky Shore Name Trail – discover the secret world of rockpools
  • Seashells – from mussels to tellins, name the shells found on the beach
  • Summer coastal birds – from puffins and razorbills to kittiwakes and seagulls
  • Sand dune plants – from marram grass to sea holly
  • Cetaceans and seals – is it a dolphin, a porpoise or a whale? Name that fin!

Looking for gift ideas for a wildlife enthusiast? Each wildlife pack includes a card-sized magnifier, so you can get in even closer to rockpools and seaweeds.