• seashores wildlife pack
  • Cetaceans and seals
  • Rocky shore name trail
  • Seashells
  • Seaside flowers
  • Summer coastal birds


Fold-out guides wildlife pack

The Seashores wildlife pack is a presentation pack featuring 5 different fold-out guides. Explore the wildlife of our coastline, from birds to seashells. The pack also includes a card-sized magnifier to help you get in ever closer to the details.

Cetaceans and seals

A guide to marine mammals, featuring 25 species of seals, dolphins, porpoises and whales most likely to be seen in British and Irish waters. Many are visible from seashores. Co-created with Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Rocky shore name trail

Going rockpooling? Our Rocky shore name trail includes the common limpets, mussels, periwinkles, topshells, starfish, crabs and fishes you might see, plus seaweeds, lichens and sponges.


From cockles to scallops, from limpets to topshells, this guide includes 40 common seashells to find around the coast. All pictures show empty shells. It’s great for exploring beaches and rockpools. Great places to hunt at seashores include the strandline, beaches close to river estuaries and bottom of the beach at low tide.

Seaside plants

38 special flowers of cliffs, sand dunes, saltmarshes and shingle, from buck’s-horn plantain and biting stonecrop to viper’s bugloss and yellow-horned poppy. Many seaside flowers don’t grow anywhere else.

Summer coastal birds

The FSC Summer coastal birds guide features 28 of the birds to spot around the coast of Britain and Ireland in the summer months. Illustrations show birds their adult summer (breeding) plumage. The guide includes both cliff-nesting birds (like gannet and razorbill) and wading birds (such as oystercatcher and avocet), as well as all the common seagulls. Some of these coastal birds are resident in the UK throughout the year. Others only arrive in the summer to breed.